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The first thing I will want to do is sit down with you and find out about you and your home. It is important for me to know about the house so that I can properly market it, and about you so I may know you expect from your REALTOR®. After letting you know what I can do for you and your house, I will tour the home with you. This provides you the opportunity to tell me about the house, and me the opportunity to let you know of suggestions I may have to help get the house sold faster.  Click here to find out how to increase your home’s value.


Once I have a true knowledge of the layout, size, and condition of your house, I can do a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) which will give a good idea of what your home is worth.  This value is based upon similar homes that sold within the past 6 months within proximity of your property.  The sales prices are adjusted for differences in size and amenities.  This value is simply an estimate.  An appraisal will determine the actual value.  Please keep in mind that an Appraisal is different than an Assessment which is performed by the County.


Unlike a lot of my peers, I will also provide you with an Estimated Net Proceeds sheet that will clearly show an estimated proceeds that you may receive at Closing.  I go over each item to fully explain what each of the expenses are.  I don’t like to surprise my clients, so we go over this document BEFORE we list your property.  Download a copy of a sample Estimated Net Proceeds sheet.  


Once you are ready to list your property, we will meet and I will go over the Listing documents.  Because I want you to be well informed, I am attaching those documents below that you can open and review.  This is for a hypothetical property, but the approved language will be the same regardless of the property.  These documents have been written and approved by State attorneys for the Colorado Real Estate Commission.  The information this these documents that can be changed are in blue font or check boxes.

Definitions of Working Relationships

Brokerage Disclosure to Seller

Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Contract

Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home Brochure

Lead-Based Paint Obligations of Seller

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure

Closing Instructions

Source of Water Addendum

Square Footage Disclosure

Seller's Property Disclosure (Optional)

Seller's Authorization (If there is a mortgage on the property)


I received my Associates of Arts degree in Photography.  I understand the composition and lighting of a good photograph.  I take as many photographs as possible of a home.  Some homes will only allow a few photographs, but most of the time I am able to maximize the 45 images that our MLS system allows.   Additionally, not only do I take photographs, but I enhance them.  I adjust the lighting and boost the color to make each and every image shine.  And I take more photographs than I need.  On average, I take about 75 images of each property, and select only the best to put into the listing.   Here are actual examples of the differences in photographs that you will see:


As far as I know, I am the ONLY agent in Pueblo that will incorporate a custom-made floor plan into the listing.  Unless requested otherwise, I will create a floor plan of your house.  The benefit of this is so that Buyers will be able to determine how the house is laid out and how the pictures of the room relate to one another.  This has been a HUGE hit with Buyers.  Download a sample floor plan.


Virtual Tours are also becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool. A Virtual Tour is simply still photographs that are stitched together and incorporated with titles and music. The Virtual Tour is great for those who may not be familiar with the area because it provides information on information such as local schools and the weather.  You are given the link to the Virtual Tour to do with as you please.  Put it on your Facebook page, send it to family and friend, or whoever.


Video is becoming an increasingly popular marketing tool. The Virtual Tour is automatically converted into a YouTube video for home buyers to view.  In addition to that, in most cases, I will create a second, customized video where I walk the Buyer through your property, room by room.  I upload that video into YouTube, giving your home an even greater visibility.  And as with the Virtual Tour, you are given the video links to share in whatever manner you want.  All of this is at NO additional expense to you.  It all part of my service. Click here for a sample YouTube video. This video will also be input into the MLS and websites such as


Once I have finished photographing and videoing your property, I will enter your listing into the MLS system which will then immediately send the listing into affiliated websites such as,,, and numerous other websites dedicated to listing real estate. In addition to the general public, there are over 400 members of the Pueblo Association of Realtor members that look at new listings on a consistent basis, and as a notification.

You will find that with my listings, I put in the maximum number of photographs and descriptive text as possible. Many agents just put a few photographs and minimal descriptive text. Not me. I want to market your property with the best possible information. Click for a sample of the MLS Listing and the Photographs associated with the listing.

A seller trying to sell their home on their own will not be able to enter their home into many of these websites. In essence, they are missing an extremely large home buying audience. It is important not only to list with a REALTOR®, but to list with the right REALTOR®. I am that right REALTOR®. When I put your listing into the system, I input into the listing with the maximum number photographs and as much descriptive text as possible. Not all Real Estate Agents do this.


Syndication to Internet websites is the best advertising.  Your listing will go to hundreds of websites that advertise real estate for sale.  I will also put your listing into my Friday advertisement with the Pueblo Chieftain.  This ad runs every other week.  I enter my listings into the Chieftain on a rotational basis. Click to see an example of my Friday Ad.


I will install a digital lockbox on your property, not an old fashioned mechanical lockbox.  A mechanical lockbox is easily accessed by spinning three or four dials to the correct code.  Unlike a mechanical lockbox, the only way to obtain access to a digital lockbox is to have a digital key.  The person in possession of the digital key must have a 7-digit code provided by our office and a personal PIN.  This ensures maximum protection against unwanted access.


When a Buyer wants to see your home they will contact their Agent, and the Agent will call to schedule a showing.  If your property is vacant, our front desk will provide the Showing Agent the code to the lockbox.  If you or a tenant is occupying the property, our front desk will contact to obtain your permission for the Showing Agent to show the property at the desired time.  Only with your approval with the Showing Agent be given the lockbox code.  Please note that Buyers will always be escorted by their real estate agent.  No Buyer will be visit your home alone.

Once a showing is scheduled, I receive an e-mail giving me the details as to who is showing your home and when.  I will forward this e-mail alert to you, so that you will have the same information that I have.  


After your house is shown, the Showing Agent receives and e-mail asking them for feedback.  They receive this e-mail for three consecutive days.  If they do not respond to the e-mail alerts, I will make continual contact attempts via e-mail, text, and voice calls.  

Once the Showing Agent responds to the feedback request, I receive an e-mail with their comments.  I will  then forward this information to you via e-mail.  If you do not have e-mail, then I will provide it via a phone call.  The information I send to you will be in the words of the Showing Agent.  I do not edit their feedback. It is important that you get feedback to the showing as it helps us highlight the items that are positive, and address the items (if possible) that are negative.


When I receive an offer on your property, I will immediately give you a phone call and/or e-mail to alert you to the Offer (Contract to Buy and Sell Real Estate), and arrange to physically present it to you.  I will provide you with an Estimated Net Proceeds document that will show you an estimate of what you can expect to receive at Closing.  If the offer is not acceptable to you, I will advise you accordingly, and upon your official response to the offer, I will present your Counterproposal to the Buyer's Agent, negotiating on your behalf.


Once the offer is accepted from the Buyer, I will immediately submit the Contract to the Title Company, and work with all parties to ensure that all events are performed correctly and deadlines are met.  

Once the home inspection is completed by the Buyer’s representatives, they will most likely submit an Inspection Objection, asking for items to be corrected.  We will go over that list, and I would advise you accordingly.  If necessary, I will schedule and meet contractors at your home to provide bids for any repairs that are needed.  I work with the other party to ensure that the Appraisal and the Buyer’s loan are on schedule.  If there are additional services that you require, I will work with you to make sure those resources are found.  

Once a Closing Date is known, I will remind you to contact the utilities to have service taken out of your name as of the Closing Date.  Also, remember to alert your home owner’s insurance and put in a change of address with the Post Office.

I will keep you informed every step of the way, up to and through the Closing. I will be with you at the Closing to ensure that everything is completed, and perhaps more importantly, I will be there for moral support, as the Closings can be very nerve-wracking for some people.


My job is not done after the Closing. I am YOUR REALTOR® for as long as you want me to be. This means that whenever you have a question, I will be there for you. You just need to call me or send me an e-mail. My cell phone is generally on 12 hours a day (8 a.m. - 8 p.m.), seven days a week, and my e-mails are automatically forwarded to my cell phone. If the call goes to voice mail, I am temporarily unavailable, but I will promptly return your call.


If you are selling your home, my goal is to help you set a list price that represents top market value, without going so high that it does not sell at all. This can only be accomplished by thoroughly understanding the market. To help you obtain this, I do a detailed market analysis which I provide for your review. In addition to a market analysis, I provide you a list of homes in your area that are the competition. This helps to understand where your home falls in with other homes listed for sale. I work very hard to get my listings sold.

David R.G. Webb

Broker Associate

RE/MAX of Pueblo, Inc.

511 W. 29th Street, Pueblo, CO   81008

Cell: (719) 248-9286, Office: (719) 585-8797, Fax: (719) 546-1243