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There are a lot of great resources to help you buy your next home. Some of the information is mandatory that a REALTOR® is mandated to let you know about. Most of it is information that a good REALTOR® should let you know about. I have listed a few of these resources for you. Should you have any questions about any of it, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Making that impression to buyers is vital. As we have all heard before, you never get a second chance at making the first impression. This has never been more true when selling your home. Here are some great tips for making that first impression.  Click here to find out how to increase your home’s value.

This also applies to when I photograph your home.  The photographs I take will be available for the world to see.  Would you rather have it see a clean and tidy home, or a cluttered house?


You may want to consider offering to pay for a Home Warranty Plan.  Buyers are more comfortable buying a home knowing that key components are covered after they purchase your property.  Depending on the warranty company, a full coverage plan is just over $500.  Less comprehensive plans are cheaper.  This expense is paid at Closing out of the sale’s proceeds.  


As the seller of a property, it will be your responsibility to provide the Title Commitment, which is nothing more than Insurance that protects the lender (lender's policy) or the buyer (owner's policy) against loss arising from disputes over ownership of a property.  Since you are paying for this policy, you have the right to choose which Title company is used.  While all title companies in Pueblo are solid firms, there are some price differences in what they provide.  Here are the rate cards for the title companies in Pueblo:

Capstone Title

Fidelity Title

Land Title

Stewart Title

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