Avoid Foreclosure

Have you faced (or are you facing) a change in your life where the possiblity of a foreclosure seems to be looming reality. Too many people let their homes go into foreclosure without realizing that there are viable alternatives. Letting your home go into foreclosure can ruin a good credit rating, cost you thousands of dollars, and can even cause you to lose a security clearance.

If this is the case, PLEASE do not give up and let your house go into foreclosure. I may not be able to keep you in your home, but I can certainly work at getting it sold before it gets foreclosed upon. This is not an ambulance chasing gimmick. I am a Certified Distressed Property Expert, which means have had extensive training in working with homeowners to get their homes sold through short sales.

If anyone has told you that there is no difference between a short sale and foreclosure, they are 100% wrong. There is a HUGE difference. It is night and day between the two, and foreclosure is as dark as a moonless night. Click here to read the differences between the two options.

Going through a situation where you are at risk of losing your home is not a moment in time that anyone is proud of. I understand that you may be feeling embarassed, ashamed, and a host of other emotions. Let me help you exit your home with dignity.

David R.G. Webb

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